Medical Weight Loss


medical-weight-loss-rockford-loves-parkPain Relief Centers of Massachusetts  specializes in weight loss and is dedicated to providing customized programs that fit your lifestyle. She understands that each patient is different and that a number of factors can affect the rate at which you lose weight; for this reason, she will monitor your progress in order to make the necessary adjustments. And, while their goal is facilitating quick and easy weight loss, their primary focus is ensuring that your weight loss is permanent.

She offers a number of dietary programs as well as prescription medications and injections (including B12 and B Complex) to help you lose weight. To determine which program is right for you, your doctor will first meet with you to discuss your current diet, goals and medical history. If she believes that a medical condition–such as a hormone imbalance or food allergy–is affecting your ability to lose weight, your doctor will also conduct a diagnostic assessment.

In addition to designing your personalized diet, there is also fitness coaching. Exercise has a number of benefits, including improved range of motion and strength, that can complement your weight loss efforts. The healthcare professionals at Pain Relief Centers of Massachusetts will work with you to develop a safe and effective workout program.

Don’t let your past weight loss programs keep you from reaching your health goals. For a free consultation on our Cape Cod medical weight loss services, please call 1-800-617-3610 now to make an appointment.