Hip and Pelvic Pain Treatment


Low-Back-PainHip and pelvic pain may be caused by a number of factors. While trauma is the most common cause of this type of pain, inflammation of the joint or the surrounding structures can also cause discomfort. In order to determine the right treatment program for your hip and/or pelvic pain, the medical team at Pain Relief Clinics of Massachusetts will conduct a full evaluation in order to diagnose your injury or condition.

The following are just a few of the physical medicine and rehabilitation services we offer to those experiencing hip pain.

Injections: When the muscles, tendons, sacroiliac joints or bursa in the hip region become inflamed or irritated, hip pain may occur as a result. To treat these conditions, we offer several types of injections, which include:

  • hip injections
  • sacroiliac joint injections
  • hip bursitis injections

Physical Rehabilitation: Our clinic offers a variety of physical medicine treatments to relieve hip and pelvic pain, which include customized exercises, heat therapy, cold therapy, and more.

Alleviating your hip and pelvic discomfort is possible, with the right therapy. For more information on our services, please contact The Pain Relief Clinics of Massachusetts today at 1-800-617-3610 to set up your FREE initial consultation.