Dr.-Jonathan-N.-Group-R.D.-DDr. Jonathan N. Group, B.S., R.D., D.C.

Dr. Jonathan N. Group, B.S., R.D., D.C.  is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Registered Dietitian and Independent Researcher.  He has almost 20 years of educational and research experience in health care focusing in clinical nutrition, alternative medicine, holistic healing, chiropractic, medical testing, rehabilitation, physical medicine, nutritional counseling, wellness, and personal training.  His seminar presentation experience includes various topics including but not limited to health, healing, nutrition, weight loss, alternative medicine, fitness, rehabilitation, back health and overall wellness.

He has completed over 500 hours of formal university study at Louisiana State University, Virginia Tech University and Texas Chiropractic College as well as personal study in alternative and natural medicine, conventional medicine, nutrition, pathology, infectious disease, degenerative disease, virology, mycology, immunology, human biology, anatomy, physiology, physical rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, chronic pain, chemistry, biochemistry, non-invasive pain management, post-surgical rehabilitation, behavior modification, manual therapy and the formulation of superior nutritional supplements and products. He is currently the founder/CEO and clinical director for Fungal Research, L.L.C.

Dr. Group has helped thousands of people regain their health, mental and physical well-being through individual counseling and recommended nutritional programs.