Cold Laser Therapy

If you are experiencing pain that hasn’t responded to traditional medical treatments, cold laser therapy may be right for you. What sets this treatment option apart from others is that it does not require the use of more invasive procedures or drugs and is an extremely safe pain relief therapy.

By using a cold or low level laser that penetrates three to five inches into the body, Pain Relief Clinics of Massachusetts can simulate damaged soft tissues–such as muscles, tendons and ligaments–as well as nerves in order to facilitate the regeneration and healing process. Often, built-up scar tissue is the cause of pain and limited mobility. Fortunately, cold laser therapy treats the source of the problem rather than offering short-term pain relief.

Our patients experience a number of benefits through the use of our cold laser treatment, which may include the elimination of acute and chronic pain as well as reduced swelling and inflammation and improved nerve function.

Whether you are experiencing back, neck, or shoulder pain, our Dennis colder laser therapy may successfully alleviate your pain and increase mobility. For a FREE consultation on this treatment option, please call Pain Relief Clinics of Massachusetts today at 1-800-617-3610.